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ccv Crankcase Ventilation Kit (CV50115)
Crankcase ventilation kit. This kit will fit 1998.5-2002 Dodge/Cummins applications.
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fs19855 Fuel Filter (FS19855) 10 micron
Fuel filter for 2000-2002 Dodge/Cummins 10 micron
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fs19855 Fuel Filters (6 of FS19855)
Case quantity of 6 FS19855
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fs19598 Fuel Filter (FS19598)
Fuel filter for 1998.5-1999 Dodge/Cummins
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fs19598 Fuel Filters (6 of FS19598)
Case quantity of 6 FS19598 fuel filters
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lf3894 Oil Filter (LF3894)
Oil filter for Dodge/Cummins
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lf3894 Oil Filter (6 of LF3894)
Case quantity of 6 LF3894
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ah19037 Air Filter (AH19037)(BHAF)
BHAF for Dodge/Cummins
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fs19855 Fuel Filter, Cummins 2003-07 7 micron
Fuel filter for Dodge/Cummins 2003-2007 7 micron
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0002fuelfilterhsg Fuel Filter Housing,Cummins/Dodge 00-02
Complete fuel filter housing for 2000-2002 Dodge/Cummins applications. Will NOT fit the 1998.5-1999 applications with all metal fuel filter housings. This is complete with water-in-fuel sensor, lid, heater and drain valve.
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67breather Breather,Cummins 6.7L 2007.5-2012
2007.5-2012 Dodge/Cummins crankase vent filter. Location of this filter is on top of the valve cover. Recommended service interval for this filter is 67,500 miles.
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drainvalve Drain Valve,Fuel Filter Housing 2000-2002
Drain valve for 2000-2002 Dodge/Cummins fuel filter housing applications. Will NOT fit 1996-1999 fuel filter housings. Includes valve, o-rings and four new screws.
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